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Thanks for taking the time to visit our website. We are sincerely hope you will have answers for a lot of queries about the company and thermal products. COX company, having led the history of Korea`s thermal industry, has manufactured mass thermal imaging/thermography cameras for the first time in Korea.

COX was founded to lead the way in popularizing thermal imaging cameras.

COX is the first company who is capable of mass production of thermal imaging cameras in S. Korea. Further more, free PC
soft will provide several functions such as temperature alarm setting, isotherm, and to extract videos or images from it. The operation is also easy, no operator training is required.

COX Camera, we follow a simple business philosophy; to devote our technology to expanding superior products for better world. The mission is to be involving in thermal industry for popularization. We have since grown significantly due to increas
ing demands for infrared products across a number of markets combined with the execution of a series of acquisitions.

Today we are spreading world wide market in the design, manufacture, and marketing of infrared, thermography, thermal imaging products that strengthen perception and awareness for a wide variety of users in the commercial, industrial, and government markets, internationally as well as locally.

To compensate the faith and trust of the customers who have made it into various thermal industries worth of the name,
COX company will take another great step into the future.